Stacked Micro Vias

Today's modern technology demands gadgets such as mobile phones and notebooks smaller but packed with more features and capabilities. The clamor for such powerful but compact and portable devices has compelled PCB manufacturers to come up with high-density circuit board designs that are significantly smaller but have increased routing capacity -- thereby resulting in the introduction of and increased demand for micro vias and stacked vias technology in the PCB manufacturing industry.

Here at Marcel Electronics International, we can design high-density circuit boards with micro vias and stacked vias that can achieve your desired functionalities for certain electronic applications. Backed by our expertise in designing and manufacturing PCBs, we bring you high-density packaging and multi-layer PCB technology.

Micro Vias Technology

Micro vias are minute holes usually measuring 50 -100 ยต that connect an outer layer of a PCB to the nearest inner layer. Because these vias are small in diameter and can be placed on the pads (via-in-pad), PCB designers get to have more routing room which allows them to increase circuit density and routing capacity for electronic products that are smaller and lighter.

Stacked Vias Technology

The need for stacked vias arises when routing density is extreme and even staggered via buildup doesn't solve the problem. Stacked vias are then used to achieve the highest possible routing density and come up with high-density packaging.

Multi-layer PCB Technology & High-Density Packaging from MEI

Incorporating micro vias and stacked vias technology in circuit board designs requires a great amount of skill due to its highly complicated process. But with MEI's proven proficiency in the field, having high-density packaging with increased routing capacity is possible for compact electronic gadgets that are in demand today.

With micro vias and stacked vias technology incorporated in your circuit boards, you can enjoy significant advantages that you don't get in traditional methods such as increased wiring density, reduced layer counts, better reliability and more.

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