Signal Integrity & HDI

Marcel Electronics International is a leader in HDI (High Density Interconnect) solutions. MEI has consistently demonstrated the ability to produce HDI structures utilizing microvias on myriad materials for high reliability and mission critical commercial and military applications.

Signal Integrity Solutions

Engineers are designing HDI printed circuits in ever-increasing quantities. HDI brings new solutions to age-old signal integrity problems and has many benefits over mechanically created PCBs.

PCB designers can create systems with higher circuit densities and better signal integrity using the smallest and most advanced components available. Consequently, it is possible to build products that are smaller, lighter, and more robust.

The Benefits of HDI Printed Circuit Boards

  • •  Product Size Reduction - Lower substrate volume, thickness, and weight gives up to 40% reduction in size and eliminates up to 33% of the layers.

  • •  Reduced Costs – With board size reduction, fewer materials are needed, saving on material cost.

  • •  Increased Integration Density - Closer component spacing with more connections per component means HDI cost less per connection.

  • •  Enhanced Reliability - The thin quality and 1:1 aspect ratio of microvias give increased reliability over larger drilled through holes.

  • •  Improved Electrical Performance (Signal Integrity) - HDI has one-tenth the parasitic effects.

  • •  Lower Electromagnetic Interference - With ground planes close or on the surface, and distributed capacitance available, RFI/EMI is significantly reduced.

  • •  Improved Thermal Efficiency - the thin dielectrics and higher glass transition temperature improves thermal performance

  • •  Greater Efficiency of Design - Microvias make part placement easier on both sides of an assembly, and superior component escape routing.

  • •  Faster Time-To-Market - 100% completion by HDI auto-routers because of placement and easier inner layer free space routing.

With a history of solving the challenges of ever-increasing density using HDI Technology, you can rely on Marcel Electronics International for superior products and services. Contact us today for a quote.

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