Materials by Rogers Corporation & More

At Marcel Electronics International, we push ourselves to provide the highest quality of products and services that our clients expect. That's why we choose to work with companies like Rogers Corporation, Nelco, Panasonic, Ticer Technologies, and Nan Ya PCB- companies that value the same superior quality standards.

All of our raw materials suppliers are successful and well known entities within their respective markets. Because of the strategic partnerships that we have with them, we are able to produce very rigid and highly durable printed circuit boards that can withstand the extreme conditions that they are made for

Our Partners

  • •  Rogers Corporation supplies our high frequency laminates. Other Rogers materials include those that are suitable for use within harsh conditions, i.e. high temperature, high vibration environments.

  • •  Nelco RF and Microwave materials are products of Park Electrochemical Corporation. They specialize in sub assemblies for use in the automotive, avionics, telecommunications, and other such industries.

  • •  Panasonic's venture into electronic materials production has made it one of the industry's leaders. They are keen on "next generation" technologies that include techniques in:

    • •  thermosetting resin design,

    • •  compound material design, and

    • •  advanced materials evaluation.

  • •  Ticer Technologies specializes in embedding resistors in semiconductor packaging by using thin film materials. Their solutions can be implemented without sacrificing product performance or function and are most suited for micro circuit applications

•  Marcel Electronics International is a manufacturer of advanced technology printed circuit boards that are used in military, aerospace, medical, and other high impact applications. Alongside Park Electrochemical / Nelco, Rogers materials, Panasonic, Ticer Technologies and our other manufacturing partners, we envision growth that will help us develop more advanced solutions for the industries that we cater to

Our office is located at 130 West Bristol Lane, Orange, CA. You may contact us by dialing 714-974-8590 or by sending an email to

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