Marcel Electronics International is North America's largest privately owned fabricator of basic to complex multilayer rigid printed circuit boards, which are validated and optimized for OMAP processors. Our state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing facilities offer MEI customers the precise craftsmanship required for OMAP ready printed circuit boards.

The OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Platform) proprietary system on chips (SoCs) for portable and mobile multimedia applications developed by Texas Instruments has added a further level of the high-performance applications available to engineers and designers of RF mobile devices.

By using the 0.4 mm ball-grid-array (BGA) pitch and Package-on-Package (PoP) technology, the latest OMAP chips can achieve ultra-compact form factors for applications that require low power and high-performance, within tight space constraints

While BGA and PoP improves the high-speed performance of the circuits, this discrete design requires advanced PCB technologies and specialized manufacturing assembly processes. MEI has the expertise and facilities to develop the small form factor footprint and height requirements of our customers using the OMAP option in their designs.

Meeting the Challenges of the Future

MEI’s mission is to help our customers meet the challenges of the ever-increasing demands in planning, designing, and manufacturing printed circuit boards. We are constantly innovating to keep up with the faster adoption of such advanced components as the PoP OMAP processor.

Since 1979, MEI has built a reputation and state-of-the-art facilities to support high end RF, digital and analog board designs. We provide time critical delivery as quick as 24 hours, and standard lead times of 4 weeks from our California facility

MEI serves the military, telecom and semiconductor industries with exceptional customer support, technical service, and quality. From prototype to production, Marcel Electronics International is here to serve your most demanding Printed Circuit Board requirements. See why we are the prototyping and production partner of choice.

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