High Aspect Ratio Holes

Marcel Electronics International is among the leaders in the printed circuit board industry, providing industries such as the military, aerospace, medical, semiconductor, and telecommunications with innovative solutions to critical projects.

You need printed circuit boards that deliver quality. Marcel Electronics International is dedicated to providing better performing, better functioning printed circuit boards with high aspect ratio holes to ensure that they perform well for your design's applications.

Why Marcel Electronics International?

MEI is the standard-bearer for manufacturing printed circuit boards with high aspect ratio holes. We have:

  • •  Qualified Engineering Team - In order to provide clients with the utmost product satisfaction, MEI has a team of professionally trained and highly skilled engineers who work together to deliver the appropriate aspect ratio holes your circuit boards need.

  • •  State-of-the-art Research Facility - To achieve the ideal aspect ratio hole for your designs, we require the use of only the finest equipment in the engineering industry. Our state-of-the-art research facility houses the most technologically advanced equipment and software to ensure that we achieve the best possible ratio for your design prototype.

Benefits of High Aspect Ration Holes

  • •  Functionality - You need the assurance that your prototype will function as designed through the ideal high aspect ratio hole. MEI's state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility ensures the efficiency of your circuit boards through quality design and fabrication.

  • •  Performance - High aspect ratio holes, if formed correctly, create a more direct and uniform flow of electrolytes to their designated panel. This results to a more efficient circuit board and better performing prototype for you.

  • •  Integration density - MEI meets the standards of today's technology by answering the challenges of integration density and focusing on quality and capabilities.

Marcel Electronics International helps you reach the full capabilities of your prototype with the ideal high aspect ratio holes. Call our hotline to request a quote.

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