Low Loss & High Frequency Materials

Marcel Electronics International is dedicated to supporting the design needs of its customers with a wide range of PCB technologies for high frequency materials, stacked vias, RF and high speed digital applications.

MEI’s engineering department works closely with its customers in the earliest stages of their design, to insure the appropriate materials are selected.

Choosing the right high frequency materials for printed circuit board design is crucial for the success of any RF/analog or digital PCB design. The goal of material selection is to choose a material that effectively handles the signaling task, and achieves the lowest overall PCB cost.

With high frequency materials, understanding the primary and secondary performance requirements in a high frequency application will help designers determine the most suitable materials to use. In RF/analog circuits, signals are processed that are small or precise.

The accuracy with which these circuits perform or the ability of the circuits to process low level signals successfully depends on a substrate with the lowest possible losses. MEI will help you in the design phase to find the appropriate low loss material.

In contrast, digital circuits are designed to tolerate considerable signal loss and still perform their tasks effectively. As a result, low loss material will be less important.

The requirements of any PCB defined by our customer, can be checked for manufacturability by our engineers. A calculation model is selected depending on the layer stackup, the circuit board layout, and the impedances requested by the customer.

Marcel Electronics International is directly engaged with its material partners Rogers Corp, Panasonic, Nanya, Isola, and Park Nelco, to deliver the latest high frequency materials and other substrate materials to all customers.

Whatever your design requirements are, the employees of MEI are here to support you from prototype to production. Call today for a quote!

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